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hey, i'm ale

a 24-year-old content creator, founder, and mental health advocate living in Austin, Texas.

I started having a social media presence when I was 14. I was modeling in Honduras (my home country), and slowly gaining a following from the exposure I'd get in magazines and billboards. But you could say my true creator journey began when I was in college (can I get a "Go Gators?!"). I'll never forget the day Victoria's Secret PINK emailed me asking if I wanted to be a Brand Ambassador (back when the term "Brand Ambassador" wasn't associated with getting scammed). I was in such disbelief — couldn't believe such a big brand wanted to work with me (hello, imposter syndrome). Since then, I've been reaping the benefits — and suffering the consequences — of publicizing my life online, which is why I founded The Like-Minded Club.

LMC is an online community that was born out of loneliness; out of the hundreds of times I googled "social media therapist" and found there was no such thing. Being a content creator is tough — it comes with a lot of self-doubt, comparison, imposter syndrome, creative ruts, identity crises, anxiety and... need I say more? There have been countless occasions where I've felt so alone in this industry, as if everyone knew how to grow but me. Of course, I knew that wasn't the case, but it would've been so nice to have a group of people to remind me of that — a place to vent, get advice, learn about the creator economy, and find the inspiration to keep showing up.


So I created it myself.

The Like-Minded Club is for like-minded people who mind their likes. Because if we didn't, we wouldn't really be creators, now would we? But here's the plot twist: our goal isn't to show you to get more likes  it's to teach you how to detach your self-worth from them. Because at the end of the day, all vanity metrics are is that: vain. But LMC shows you how to approach them in a mindful way; to view them as successes at best, and motivation at worst, all the while teaching you how to monetize your socials and use them to create the life of your dreams. LMC also connects you with other creators who are on your same track and make you realize becoming an influencer is not a competition  it's just one big marathon that's getting more and more runners by the minute. And luckily, the track is big enough for all of us, so I sure hope you'll let me jog by your side.

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