“This is my commitment, my modern manifesto.”

Welcome to my personal blog, a site where I share anything and everything that I am. From the ideas in my articles to the music in my podcasts — if there’s ever been a place to peek inside my mind, it’s right here.

My story begins in Honduras at age six, when I was the only person in my house waking up at 5 am and thus filling my leisure time doing what I did best: reading. Almost religiously, I would devour two or three books before anyone had even drifted out of REM sleep. You can imagine how this benefitted me in school, having always maintained an A in English and written compelling college essays. But the greatest effect reading had on me — and still has to this day — is generating an urgent, almost frustrating need to articulate my thoughts the way authors do. A deeply rooted desire to join Hemingway and Orwell and Gladwell in their successful attempts to describe the world in a way no one has before. This, I believe, is one of life’s greatest challenges.

Growing up, my version of “a doctor!” and “an astronaut!” was “a writer!” or “a journalist!” That dream slowly faded as people told me writing isn’t a ‘real career’ and I discovered I hated being a reporter in college. But after years of accumulating thoughts that I felt needed to stop circling my mind and brew in someone else’s, here lies my first attempt to pour them onto paper; to pursue what I’ve always felt I was meant for. Little Ale is doing cartwheels. 🤸🏻

If you find anything in this site even slightly relatable, whether it’s my taste in music, way of thinking, or even my love for Matthew McConaughey, please shoot me a message! My goal is to build a community of like-minded people who can relate to each other’s way of seeing the world, and that begins with you sharing yours.

Lots of love,