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I'm Ale, a 24-year-old content creator, mental health advocate, and founder of The Like-Minded Club. I was born and raised in Honduras but live in Austin, Texas.

I started my social media presence when I was 14 — I was modeling in Honduras and slowly gaining a following from the exposure I'd get in magazines and billboards. But you could say my true creator journey began when I was in college (go Gators!). I'll never forget the day Victoria's Secret PINK emailed me asking if I wanted to be a Brand Ambassador (back when the term "Brand Ambassador" wasn't associated with getting scammed). I was in such disbelief couldn't believe such a big brand wanted to work with me. (Hello, imposter syndrome.) Since then, I've been reaping the benefits — and suffering the consequences — of publicizing my life online. Which is why I founded The Like-Minded Club...

"You don't necessarily have to bloom where you're planted, but you can always go back and water your roots.”

― alessandra mayr


Don't worry — it's not like that. This is just my biweekly newsletter, where you can find social media tips, mental health advice, and even get to know me a lil' better (aka read my random AF thoughts about the world in the form of somewhat eloquent sentences). 

You're in! Chat soon, bb. 🫶🏻